· Producer
· Audio Engineer

Magic Mushroom is a producer and mixing-mastering engineer with over 23 years of experience in music production. He's very detail-oriented with a clean workflow and a passion to create great music that you can rely on.

In 2010 his first official mix-master project won him some notoriety. He produced a record released on Bruce Hammond's record label "Headbutt Records GmbH”. From that point forward, his part-time music production became a full-time job.
From 2014 to 2019 Magic Mushroom worked as a ghost producer in music studios across the globe, including Will Smith's "Boom Boom Room Studio" in Los Angeles.

· Creativ Consultant
· Artist support

Sebastian has worked marketing and entrepreneurship on the front end of the music industry. Working together with multiple Billboard top 100 artists he specializes in the electronic music genre to push the next generation of top hit artists. His expertise will help you push your brand and artist profile to the next level.

· Singer
· Songwriter

Joe Jury is a very active singer & writer, he's always looking for the next song!

Inspired by various types of music and artists such as Neil Young, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, Joe came to finding his own way of writing melodies and arrangements. Acoustic guitar arpeggios, synths, and electronic sounds clash together throughout the EP to create an interesting and different, yet easy sound. A sound that perfectly marries and enhances his unique voice and that got him to support Laura Doggett and share the Calling Out Stage with Sundara Karma at the Kendal Calling Festival.

· Brand Manager 
  for Artists

Cyriel Marijnissen is an expert on Branding & Profiling. How to stand out on social media? How to be yourself on social media? He can teach you all about positioning yourself as an artist, in a way that feels totally comfortable.

“Many artists assume that their music is their product. Let me wake you up here: your music is only 50%. The other 50%? That is you! So who are you, and why should I follow you? What’s in it for me, if I start to follow you?

"Imagine an artist is painting a picture in a bad light, just the same with mixing and mastering. If a room has poor or not optimal acoustics, it is almost impossible to generate a mature, powerful sound, even if you have a pair of really good speakers."

Here at Mixcube Studios we work with a short signal chain with high-quality components. For best results, the engineer needs an optimized room, the right listening position, and a good set of full-range monitors with which the engineer is familiar. We’ve got all that!

Friendly and motivated team, happy to be a part of your music history!

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