How to stand out on social media? How to be yourself on social media? Cyriel Marijnissen is an expert on Branding & Profiling. He can teach you all about positioning yourself as an artist, in a way that feels totally comfortable.

“Many artists assume that their music is their product. Let me wake you up here: your music is only 50%. The other 50%? That is you! So who are you, and why should I follow you? What’s in it for me, if I start to follow you?

If you want to convince people of your music, your visuals need to complete the package. Cyriel is Holland’s first official Brand Manager, creating brands from artists. He lives and works in The Netherlands with Dutch artists. “I worked for Sony Music for 4 years, but I found out there are more artists that need my help. There’s so much music out there, and so many ways to get exposure. Your music has a sound, but how do you come up with a visual ‘sound’ ? What do you post that is YOU instead of copying others?”

In Holland he worked with Jett Rebel, Kav Verhouzer, Lulleaux, DINAND, VanVelzen, Jacqueline Govaert, Alain Clark and many more.